Creative Nonfiction Workshop

Writing workshop in New Jersey
January 15-18, 2016
Led by Amanda Morris

Creative Nonfiction Workshop NJCreative nonfiction has been called “the music of what happened” (Blake Morrison) and “the hum of perpetual noticing” (Cynthia Ozick). It starts with writing many small moments—a childhood memory, a dream, an image from the TV news, a funny remark overheard, even a stubbed toe. In this workshop, we’ll do exercises to evoke moments that might become stories. We’ll practice strategies that draw readers in. As we share material generated in class, we’ll look for narrative potential and implicit themes and discuss ways of turning these pieces into larger works such as memoirs, humor essays, travel stories, or contemplative essays.

*Limited to just 10 participants.*


“Amanda Morris is an excellent teacher in that she gives individual attention and zero’s in on what would help you the most. She packs a lot of information into each class and challenges her students while encouraging them at the same time. This is my second year in her workshop and I feel she advanced my writing.”
~ Susan, Creative Nonfiction Participant, Newtown, PA



Amanda Morris headshotAmanda Morris, Ph.D., is a writer, scholar, adventurer and traveler who has lived in Pennsylvania and Alabama and is working on visiting all 50 states (she’s currently achieved 41). She teaches writing and rhetoric at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, loves teaching students creative nonfiction and Indigenous Rhetorics, and recently earned tenure and promotion to Associate Professor. Her public writing can be found at Teaching Tolerance, Bitch Flicks, Feministing, Noodle, and Garden Rant. Her academic writing can be found in Rhetoric Review, Epiphany, WSQ, Journal of American Culture, South Atlantic Review, The Literary Encyclopedia, and in the upcoming Standing Up, Speaking Out: Stand-Up Comedy and the Rhetoric of Social Change (April 2016). In her pre-academic life, Amanda spent a decade as a freelance journalist with extensive and varied publication experience, and another decade as a media buyer for various advertising agencies. Amanda spends her free time cooking, fishing, gardening and dreaming up new writing projects to tackle. Fun fact: Amanda finished her doctorate in four years, defending her dissertation on her 40th birthday, thus proving that you are never too old to go back to school. Amanda’s professional home on the web has writing tips, writing prompts, and more information about her: Read her essay, “I Will Not Apologize,” published on Feministing.


This writing workshop is part of Peter Murphy's Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway, held each January near Atlantic City, NJ. Peter started the Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway in 1994 based on his belief that when writers leave behind distractions to gather in an encouraging community, they will make breakthroughs in their art.

Celebrating its 23rd year, the Getaway has become one of the oldest and largest writer's conferences in the winter season, attracting more than 200 writers from across the country.

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