Tutorials and Add-ons

Everyone who attends the Getaway takes a workshop. Tutorials and add-ons are optional, but they will enrich your Getaway experience.

You will have the opportunity to sign up for tutorials and add-ons when you register. If you wish to add one after you register, please contact us.

Tutorial in Prose | Tutorial in Poetry | Algonquin-style Workshops | Poetry Add-ons


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Tutorial in Prose

Writers' workshop in New JerseyProse tutorials offer a constructive critique on a work in progress that you’re not sharing in your workshop such as an essay, short story or excerpt from a novel or longer nonfiction manuscript. These one-on-one-sessions last 20 minutes and you may request general feedback or seek assistance on a specific question or problem you are having.

  • Open to all participants, regardless of which workshop you participate in.
  • Tutorials will take place during the Getaway on Saturday and Sunday starting at 4:40 pm.
  • If you would like to request a specific faculty member for your tutorial, please note it in the comment box when you register.
  • Your piece (or excerpt) may be up to 15 pages, double-spaced with 1″ margins and a 12 point font plus a 1-page synopsis.
  • Be ready to submit your piece by Dec. 15 (or if registering after that date, submit within a week of registering) so your tutor can read your piece ahead of time.
  • Fee: $100 for each Tutorial in Prose


Tutorial in Poetry

Writers' tutorials in New JerseyLed by Emari DiGiorgio, Karen Zaborowski Duffy, Ken Hart, Christine E. Salvatore, J. C. Todd and Paul-Victor Winters

Poetry tutorials offer a constructive critique on a poem in progress that you’re not sharing in your workshop. These one-on-one-sessions last 20 minutes. Some people like to get feedback on a poem they are still working on; others bring one they think might be finished. Either is fine.

  • Open to all participants, regardless of which workshop you participate in.
  • Tutorials take place during the Getaway on Saturday and Sunday starting at 4:40 pm.
  • No need to send your poem ahead of time; our tutors are experienced at providing constructive and supportive feedback in the time allocated.
  • Note for Poetry Writing workshop participants (Regular and Advanced):
    • Your tuition already includes one tutorial, and you’re welcome to add-on an additional one if you’d like.
    • You will have the opportunity to select your time slot(s) and tutor(s) at the start of the Saturday morning session.
  • Note for tutorial participants taking other workshops: On Friday evening, we will ask you to stay a few minutes after the Opening Program (approximately 9:30 pm) to select your time slot and tutor.
  • Biographies: See our poetry faculty page for bios.
  • Fee: $75 for each Tutorial in Poetry


Algonquin-style Workshops

 Algonquin-style writing workshopJoin us for an Algonquin-style soirée for lively discussion and a raucous good time. Oh, and feedback on your work too. The fee includes your first two drinks, so no matter the quality of what you bring to the workshop, you’ll leave with a good buzz.

Open to all participants, regardless of which workshop you take. Fee: $100 per session, includes two drinks; cash bar available for additional drinks.

Algonquin-style Poetry Workshop
Bring 11 copies of a poem in progress (30 line maximum). Limited to 10 participants per session. Both led by BJ Ward.

  • Friday, 3:30-6:30 pm – Filled*
  • Saturday, 4:30-7:30 pm – Filled*

Algonquin-style Prose Workshop
Fiction and nonfiction welcome. Bring 11 copies of a short piece or excerpt of your work in progress. (Should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced with 1″ margins and a 12 point font.) Limited to 10 participants. Led by Richard K. Weems.

  • Friday, 3:30-6:30 pm - Filled*

“As a member of the Friday Algonquin-style Prose workshop, I’d like to thank all of you for sharing your work with me and for critiquing mine. I was amazed at the amount of talent in the room and at the conference in general. Thank you, Richard, for hosting the Algonquin workshop. Thank you, Peter, for everything. I sincerely hope that I get to see all your works in print and I can say ‘I knew them when…’ See you next year.”
~ Brian, Algonquin-style Prose Workshop Participant, Mercerville, NJ


*Interested in a workshop that is filled? View our Wait List Information.


Add-ons for Advanced Poetry Writing Participants

Stephen Dunn and Kim Addonizio

Experienced poets taking the Advanced Poetry Writing workshop are invited to work with Special Guests Stephen Dunn and/or Kim Addonizio during their feedback sessions. Limited to 10 participants per session.

Stephen and Kim will offer constructive feedback on a poem in progress (30 line maximum) or a new poem written to the day’s assignment. They will help you identify your poem’s virtues and offer suggestions to strengthen its weaknesses. Since you already know the basics, they will encourage you to push your boundaries by taking imaginative and linguistic risks so you can make breakthroughs in your poetry.

  • Fee: $100 to add-on one poetry feedback session with Stephen Dunn or Kim Addonizio
  • Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis and is limited to one of these intensive sessions with each Special Guest
  • Note: Stephen and Kim’s sessions are not one-on-one tutorials, but group workshops with 10 participants

During your additional feedback sessions, you will work with other members of our talented faculty. Each has a unique and encouraging style, which will nurture your poetry in different ways.

Learn more about the Advanced Poetry Workshop.

“For a first-timer, it was an extraordinary experience. The workshops were unbelievably helpful and the entire atmosphere of Seaview was very conducive for writing. I definitely will be attending again!”
~ Tyler, Advanced Poetry Writing / Stephen Dunn Add-on Participant, Chalfont, PA